Contract Address : 0xBB6A7eaf8c992E896643C6825781bd7634d09B61
Stake LICH here and receive xLICH as a receipt representing your share of the pool. This pool automatically compounds as 2% of the vault LICH emission goes to xLICH pool contract, which means the xLICH to LICH ratio will grow over time!
Like liquidity providing (LP), you will earn fees according to your share in the pool, and your xLICH receipt is needed as proof when claiming the rewards. You can stake xLICH to farm LICH as well.
How does the ratio of xLICH : LICH increase? Example as below.
User A is the first to deposit in the pool, they deposit 10 LICH and receive 10 xLICH as the initial ratio is 1:1
Next, 2% of the emission sent to the xLICH pool, now there is 20 LICH. Since there are 20 LICH in the contract and 10 xLICH is the total supply, the ratio is now 1 xLICH : 2 LICH and User A can redeem his/her 10 xLICH for the 20 LICH at any time, based on that ratio. But letโ€™s say they donโ€™t do that.
Now, User B deposits 10 LICH to the pool and since the ratio is now 1 : 2, they get half of their deposit as xLICH, which would be 5 xLICH. Now the total pool is 30 LICH and total supply of xLICH is 15 (maintaining the ratio).
The ratio only changes as the 2% emission of LICH sent to the pool and split equally among all xLICH holders, because each xLICH becomes worth more LICH (the share of LICH went up).


What do I receive when I stake LICH in the xLICH pool? You will receive xLICH token which represents your share of the pool.
The number of your xLICH tokens won't go up, however the value of each each xLICH will go up infinitely because of the trading fees buying back LICH, which is then sent to the pool.
You can now also stake xLICH to earn tokens from other protocols on the Stake LICH page.
Where do these fees come from? for every block emission, there will be 2% of the emission goes to xLICH pool
The xLICH:LICH ratio hasn't changed since I checked, what's going on? The UI on the website updates the xLICH ratio once a day at random times to discourage coordinated sales. Keep in mind that the xLICH:LICH ratio is global, meaning the graph or number does not reflect personal purchases.
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